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Do you want to remember you happy memories with a fun custom painting?

Are you struggling to decide what you want on your walls?

Do you want to wear something modern but also timeless?




Fun original art that makes your home feel unique and special

Wearing art that was designed with love and emotion

Using art that is printed on home goods for you home


Browse through my original artwork or designs. Or ask for a custom piece that captures a favorite family memory.

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Download my free art print

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Get a discount code and start shopping!

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Hello, I’m Emeline!

My art and designs are inspired by personal memories and stories. I have been creating and selling my fun original art works for 20 years. For almost 10 years I have been successfully licensing my timeless modern prints for a wide selection of products, from home decor, fashion and tech accessories. You can find my original art in private homes and businesses in North America and Europe. My prints have been in shops including Target, Nordstrom, bed bath and Beyond etc.

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